I Want to Write

This page will be my North Star for the years of work I need to put in to become a great writer.

It's simple. Write, edit, and learn.

At first, I thought games journalism was perfect for me. Games were my life (and they're still a big part), but, like all of the times I started writing, I gave up.

This time is different.


This is my starting line.

They say that you have to complete a large body of work to get good. They say that you have to complete lots of projects. Apparently that is better than focusing on one masterpiece.

And, of course, they say to shut up and get to work.

I Will...

  1. Write at least one sentence every day.
  2. Always be authentic.
  3. Shut up and work.
  4. Find my voice.
  5. Make good art...

Too much of my life has been wasted with consumption. I love to create, and the more I do it, the better I feel.

Finally, the Medium

It's obvious that my medium of choice will be the written word.

But... what isn't obvious is that I want to combine writing and programming. C is my language of choice, and I'm getting pretty good at it. I also consider myself a decent writer.

Let's see what happens when I put them together.