Programming Tidbits

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9 Dec, 2017

Programming Like a Craftsman

I have this vision of myself. Headphones on, laser focused on the monitor, and tapping away at the keyboard. Not in the way you'd imagine a monkey bashing away until something finally works, but in the way that a calculated craftsman would: carefully making adjustments to edge closer to the perfect piece. It's not about hacking; it's about crafting.

Not Your Everyday Software

This is where one might launch into a rant to end all rants. A rant that criticizes the bugs, sluggishness, cruft, and bloat that cramps our style. After all, we carry super computers in our pockets but can't get a swift response when pressing the 'send' button. What is it doing in the 500 milliseconds between registering the touch event and rendering a depressed button? Maybe it's just trying to make the user depressed instead.

No, I won't be ranting. Instead, I want to rave about what I consider to be the best way to make software. Maybe even the best way to make anything: approaching creation like a craftsman.


27 Nov, 2017

A New Era of Lysa

Some things have changed for Lysa over the last 3 weeks. I have been experimenting with a new direction, and I'm very happy with what I've settled on. Today, you'll get to see a quick and dirty demo of what Lysa can do. Let's jump into the video so you know what I've been working on.