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Who is This Guy?

Until sitting down to write this "About Me" section, I didn't realize how hard it would be to write about myself. How am I supposed to communicate that I'm an incredibly humble, good-looking sage? Oh, I got it. I'll just write in the third person so I seem more important. You'll just have to trust me on the good-looking part.

At the ripe old age of somewhere in his thirties, Jeremiah's wise soul is already worn from many of life's challenges. He joined the US Marine Corps as a chubby introvert who wanted to prove something to himself. Before joining, he made an unbreakable pact: "No relationships until I've lived my life to the fullest! Joining the Marines is about experiencing what the world has to offer."

Probably less than one year later...

Jeremiah meets and, almost immediately, starts dating his wife to be. It only took 6 months for him to decide that she was the one. At approximately the same time, he also decided that he is terrible at keeping unbreakable pacts.

Luckily, he turned 21 a couple weeks before his wedding so that he could legally drink champagne at the reception. Not long after that, the new couple was shipped off to Korea where their first child was born. Needless to say (but I will anyway), Jeremiah grew up fast. The Marine Corps beat him into submission, and the wife turned him into a husband and father. Classic boy-joins-Marines-meets-girl-and-becomes-responsible-overnight story.

Fast-Forward to Avoid Boredom

Life in Korea came and went. Partially because sleep deprivation was a daily occurrence, and partially because Jeremiah was an international super spy and can't talk about his work...

Next came the computer science degree and a shiny new career known as Stay-at-home Dad. The new career was a perfect pairing with the new kid: the tannins are fabulous. He's currently living the dream cleaning up bodily fluids on-the-regular and metaphorically herding cats every day. When the house, family, and pets are all asleep, sometimes he gets to work on programming projects that will someday bring the world mountains of joy.

OK, Back to Reality

If you got this far, I salute you o7. I'm just a guy that likes to make cool stuff with computers. Games, software tools, silly stories, etc.

My major project is Lysa. The goal is to make a customizable debugger because the popular debuggers are crap, and I like my tools to work for me without getting in the way.

I regularly try to get better at programming. It's important to actively improve your programming skills instead of just writing lots of code. The latter will do the trick, but it will take much longer and you might not learn the skills that you should be learning. Screw the 10,000 hour rule. I want to be an expert sooner than that.

One of the ways that I keep up with my skills is by reading stuff that super smart people write about programming. In order to keep me sane (and on track), I recommend a bit of what I find in a newsletter that goes out monthly. If you want to join us, you can sign up here.

The Critical Programmer

I have this thesis. It is that taking the time to look at old code and being critical about what was good and bad about it is extremely important. Over the last however many years, I basically made crappy prototypes that were finished and ditched the source. I still have a large chunk of it left, so I recently started going back and auditing the code that I wrote. The goal is to become a critical programmer (I should trademark that term). Over on Medium, you can read more about my hair-brained theses (thee sees?) and see me go through the critical process yourself.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay classy