A Job Offer

I accepted a job offer this morning. It’s quite different than what I used to imagine as my career. It’s exciting though!

As far as I can tell, I’ll be querying and analyzing data from big ol’ databases, which is vague, but super interesting.

Many people say stuff about how they never would have guessed where they ended up later in life, so I’m not special or anything. But, it feels strange.

I went from a relatively good student in high school (but I hated it), to a lazy kid working crappy retail and telemarketing jobs, to a Korean linguist in the Marine Corps (wtf?!), to a computer science student, to a stay-at-home dad and hobby programmer. Now I’m going to be an “Operations Research Analyst.” It has been a windy path.

I’ve also changed a lot, hopefully for the better, and life continues to get more interesting.



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