Forget About Good Habits

Have you ever noticed that the habits you want to break are easy to forget. Usually, you don’t even notice you’re repeating those habits until after the fact. It’s like they’re part of your autopilot.

Similarly, when you want to form a new habit, you can’t stop thinking about it. We try so hard to remind ourselves to do the thing over and over, but then we start to dread it.

I’ve noticed that the habits I stick with are the ones that I’m barely aware of doing. Can you remember the last five times you brushed your teeth? I’m willing to bet your mind checks out, and you just get it done. That’s the trick.

The faster we can “check out” while performing our habit, the faster it gets committed to autopilot.

How about the bad habits that I mentioned above? Well, just pay attention to them.

Being more aware of what you do and what you think about during the day can give you some control over when you switch to autopilot. What would you do if you noticed that you’re starting a loop of a bad habit that you’d like to kick? You’d probably break the loop, and direct your attention elsewhere.

The more you notice falling into bad habits, the faster you can break the cycle and redirect.



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