Number 30

Whelp, that’s 30 days of blogging. The point of this little experiment was to improve how I see the world. Did it work?

Like anything in life, there were ups and downs.

The Good

I kept to one post a day. One of my biggest weaknesses is quitting things before I see them through. That didn’t happen this month.

Also, I forced myself to find notable things in my daily life. Usually, I just coast through the day obsessing over whatever work needs done, I don’t stop to see how things are connected.

It was a minor change, but it’s kinda nice.

The Bad

I’m ashamed of how little I wrote.

I had hoped there would be at least a few big thoughts to get down during the month, but each post was a bit too shallow for my liking.

The Ugly

To be perfectly honest, I would sit down at the computer to write, and relive my day in my head in order to pick out something interesting to write about.

Every morning felt like a scramble to write something, anything.

Instead of helping me see the world better in real-time, I think it made me look back more frequently. Not the result I had hoped for.

I’m glad I wrote for a month. The writing was crap, but that’s to be expected for new writers.

Getting good at writing is on my bucket list, so I intend to take this momentum and keep things moving. This time, on a less frequent basis.

I want to come up with ideas of what to write before I sit down to write them. I want to have something to write about.

When there is something to say, I’ll say it here.



Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.