I Don’t Really Know What I’m Doing

I recently started writing more on this blog, I’m trying to be more active on Twitter and Facebook, and I’m trying to make good stuff.

There is one problem…

I don’t really know what I’m doing

Here’s the point: I’m trying to find my way and I have some plans.

  1. Write code EVERY DAY, share it on GitHub
    1. My debugger, Lysa
    2. Learning Rust
    3. Contributing to open source
  2. Read the words of brilliant people as often as possible
    1. Knuth is a bamf – The Art of Computer Programming is gonna be fun
    2. Computer Science greats
    3. Modern day wizards – the programmers I look up to
  3. Try to express my own opinions about programming
    1. I love writing systems code – let me modify the memory, please
    2. Conventional wisdom about programming is rarely wise
    3. Don’t get me started… yet

That’s It

I just wanted to quickly jot down my plans. For myself, and anyone watching.

You stay classy